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Residential The MFB aims to reduce the incidence and impact of fire and other emergencies on the community. This is achieved through the delivery of educational strategies that assist the community to become more self-reliant.


Business All businesses need to be prepared in case of an emergency - regardless of size. An emergency management plan that identifies risks and determines how to effectively respond to these is paramount. With proper planning, risks can be reduced or even eliminated.


Educational Through a variety of community education campaigns and programs, MFB firefighters work closely with Melbourne’s diverse communities, across all age groups, to promote community safety and coordinate emergency prevention activities.

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Firefighters heroic rescue of woman from her smoke-filled unit

Firefighters had to break down the front door to rescue a woman trapped in her bedroom after a small fire in her kitchen filled her unit with smoke.

Garage burnt out but house saved in Bentleigh East fire

Firefighters have saved a Bentleigh East home after an adjoining garage was damaged by fire.

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