Evaluation of your system

It is important to understand if your fire alarm system suits your needs. Chances are your business or site will fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • renovations have changed the building layout
  • the use of rooms has been changed
  • your old fire alarm system has been upgraded
  • a new building has been constructed and standard fire protection installed without tailoring the type and
  • calibration of detectors to the use of individual rooms or areas.

Be proactive don’t wait for a false alarm to occur before you assess your site.

Unexplained false alarms

If your fire alarm system generates faults that cannot be explained then it may be worth investigating the application of new technologies:

Analogue Addressable System

These are a major advancement and can pre-warn managers of alarm activation, allowing time to investigate and provide remedial action to prevent a false alarm.

Some benefits of these systems include:

  • each detector sensor can be uniquely identified and located
  • early warning of maintenance needs can be measured, e.g. level of contamination in individual detectors
  • wiring faults such as cut wires or short circuits do not generate false alarms
  • adjustable sensitivity - each detector can be tailored to its environment to give optimum sensitivity and resistance to permitted activities
  • on board log of system activities.

Other equipment that may assist you includes:

  • automatic jacking pumps with counters
  • pressure switches
  • new type sprinkler heads.
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