Building Inspections and Compliance

The inspection and design unit provides specialist advice to senior management, the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council, Standards Australia, Government departments, industry and the community.

Other activities include:

  • review and comment on new and revised building legislation
  • conducts building inspections to address maintenance of essential safety measures and other fire safety issues
  • involvement in fire safety upgrades of existing buildings
  • represent the brigade on formal enquiries and committees
  • liaise with representatives of the building industry
  • investigate new fire safety initiatives
  • national and international liaison
  • provide internal/external training lectures
  • provide industry with a range of written and oral fire safety advice

You can contact Building Inspections and Compliance on (03) 9665 4478.

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Safety Tip

The Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authority Council (AFAC) recommends monthly testing of smoke alarms to ensure they are working correctly.

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Only working Smoke Alarms save lives.

Dial 000 for emergency