Dangerous Goods

If you use, manufacture, store or handle dangerous goods, you will be subject to the requirements of the Dangerous Goods Act 1985 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004.

The duties and obligations of the respective subordinate legislations being:

As the occupier or owner of a business that manufactures, stores or handles dangerous goods, you may be required to formally request written advice from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) Dangerous Goods Department on your site’s Emergency Plan and the Fire Protection measures that are in place or proposed.

Application Forms

A review of your site’s Dangerous Goods Manifest (Emergency Information Book EIB) forms part of the written advice on the Emergency Plan.

Once the completed application form for written advice is received by the MFB, the applicant will then be contacted via email requesting any further documentation that may be required.

Upon receipt of all documentation, including a copy of your site’s emergency plan, dangerous goods manifest and test reports on the installed fire protection system, a MFB Dangerous Goods Officer will book a site visit.

MFB’s Dangerous Goods Department can provide advice and guidance on the following subjects:

  • Development and review of the Emergency Plan and Emergency Procedures
  • Assessment of the adequacy of the installed or proposed Fire Protection System
  • Appropriate placarding meeting regulatory requirements
  • Appropriate information provided in the Emergency Information Book

When reviewing emergency plans, MFB assess the adequacy to ensure that the following objectives are achieved:

  • All occupants can evacuate safely 
  • Safe and temporary refuge is provided in the event that a full safe evacuation is not achieved
  • Emergency responders are provided with safe approach 
  • Environmental impact is reduced
  • Compliance with Dangerous Goods Regulations and Code of Practice

When installing or modifying fire protection systems, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the following:

  • All hazards are identified 
  • All identified hazards are appropriately managed 
  • All proposed measures are fit for purpose 

For more detailed information, the following links may be useful:

For further information please contact the MFB Dangerous Goods Department on: (03) 9420 3866 or



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