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Campbellfield fire site handed to WorkSafe

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09 Apr 2019
After four days working to completely extinguish a fire which took hold of a Campbellfield factory, MFB has handed the scene over to WorkSafe.

MFB’s specialist Fire Investigation Unit will continue to work with the Victoria Police Arson Squad to investigate what sparked the blaze.

The fire broke out shortly before 7am on Friday morning, prompting a significant MFB and multi-agency response.

At its peak, approximately 175 firefighters and more than 40 appliances were sent to fight the blaze. 

Thanks to the efforts of firefighters and the support agencies on scene, MFB managed to bring the fire under control by 12:08pm on Friday, approximately 5.5 hours after the fire broke out.

Firefighters spent several days at the scene monitoring and extinguishing any hot spots to ensure the site was made safe.

MFB would like to thank the local community and businesses for their patience while firefighters and emergency personnel have been working to secure the site. 

Transition to recovery of the site is taking place with council, EPA, WorkSafe, Melbourne Water and DHHS.

Twenty-four hour security is in place, and WorkSafe will oversee safety at the scene and facilitate entry to allow agencies to complete investigations.

Thornycroft Street will remain partially closed until this afternoon as some emergency vehicles remain at the scene.

Local businesses which have been deemed as safe to enter have been allowed access to resume their normal activities. 

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