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Cause fur alarm after bulldog sparks blaze in Ringwood

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25 Oct 2019
Firefighters are calling for the community to lock up their lighters, after a pooch with pyromaniac tendencies had a ‘ruff’ day in Ringwood.

Three appliances were responded to a unit on New Street after a woman keeping an eye on Archie, her 10-month-old French Bulldog x Boston Terrier via home CCTV, spotted him playing with a lighter, subsequently setting fire to the couch.

Firefighters arrived on scene quickly to extinguish the blaze, and brought the fire under control within four minutes.

They commenced evacuations of the neighbouring units and brought the dog to safety before ventilating the property, which sustained some smoke damage.

Crews determined the inferno was started by an unattended lighter in the possession of the four-pawed firelighter, sparking calls for caution.

MFB Commander Graeme O’Sullivan said that any item that can start a fire should be kept well out of reach of children or pets.

“In the past we’ve recommended that cigarettes, lighters, and matches should be kept out of reach of kids, but this incident shows that we need to also be mindful of pets,” Commander Graeme O’Sullivan said.

“Having these items in a place where they can find their way into little hands or paws is dangerous – they should be kept in a safe place like a high cupboard.

“If you’re using candles, incense, or oil burners in your home you must make sure children and animals are a safe distance away – and you should never leave these items unattended. 

“You should always extinguish any open flame, incense, or oil burners before leaving home for the day or going to sleep.

“Remember that only working smoke alarms save lives – interconnected smoke alarms should be installed in all living areas, hallways and bedrooms, so that when any alarm activates all smoke alarms will sound and you will be alerted quickly to a fire in your home”.

View the video of the CCTV via 3AW: 


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