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Family rescued from floodwater along Scotchmans Creek Trail

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16 Dec 2018
MFB crews came to the aid of a family trapped inside a tunnel due to flooding along Scotchmans Creek Trail this evening.

Firefighters were alerted at 7:52pm and arrived at the scene in six minutes. A mother, two children and the family dog were quickly located in a tunnel that runs underneath the Monash Freeway.

It was a multiagency response as SES, CFA, Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria were all at the scene to safely retrieve the family.

The mother, the two children and the dog were fitted with life lifejackets and rope lines were set up to support rescue efforts.

It took 30 minutes to retrieve everyone. The two children were rescued first followed by the mother and then the dog.

Thankfully, there are no reported injuries. 

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