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Firefighters enter burning St Albans home as city swelters

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02 Mar 2019
As temperatures climbed into the high 30’s in the city this afternoon, MFB firefighters were called to a home which caught alight on Main Road in St Albans.

Approximately 24 firefighters were responded following a number of calls to Triple Zero (000); some reporting that a person was still inside the home.

Initial crews arrived on scene just seven minutes after the first Triple Zero call and saw that the blaze had taken hold of the single-storey weatherboard home.

Wearing breathing apparatus so they could make their way through the thick smoke, crews fought their way into the burning building to ensure that no occupants remained inside.  

Thankfully, all occupants had evacuated, however one man sustained burns and was transferred into the care of Ambulance Victoria paramedics at the scene.

Despite sweltering heat and difficult wind conditions, crews managed to get the fire under control less than 17 minutes after the first appliance arrived on scene.

There is a lot of smoke in the area and a Community Advice message has been issued.

It is believed that the building contains asbestos, and firefighters have begun decontamination procedures to ensure their safety.

Ambulance Victoria paramedics remain at the scene to monitor the conditions of crews working at the fire.

The cause of the fire is being analysed by MFB’s specialist Fire Investigation Unit. 

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