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Graduation sees 90 new additions to the state’s firefighting family

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18 Dec 2018
A total of 90 MFB and CFA recruits have completed the Victorian Recruit Firefighter Course this month, with the course’s last 30 recruits graduating today.

The 20-week course for both MFB and CFA firefighters commenced in July this year bringing together recruits from the two fire and rescue services.

MFB Chief Officer Dan Stephens said the course was an outstanding example of the interoperability between the state’s fire and rescue services.

“MFB and CFA recruits have trained together throughout what is a challenging and demanding 20 week course, which will further enable the state’s fire and rescue services to work together more closely,” he said.

“Training together means MFB and CFA firefighters across the state have the same skills and knowledge, and can respond to emergencies in the urban and rural environment.”

New firefighters graduating in this round join our fire and rescue services with a wealth of diverse life experience, including former defence personnel, paramedics and emergency call takers, flight attendants, tradespeople and teachers, along with recruits with a range of business skills including marketing, sales, human resources, web development and finance.

“MFB and CFA are actively looking to recruit firefighters with a wealth of diversity and life experience, so that they can better reflect the communities we serve,” Mr Stephens said.

CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington said it was great to see the final round of recruits graduate for the year ahead of a busy summer season and what will be incredibly fulfilling careers.

“Becoming a career firefighter is an intense process. Since February, these recruits have undergone 20 weeks of demanding and rigorous training in traditional hose drills, hot fire training and management of hazardous material,” he said.

“We welcome both the CFA and MFB recruits to our ranks as we send them off to their new brigades where they will protect the lives and properties of the communities they serve and the whole of Victoria when needed.

“They have grown both personally and professionally in the process and we look forward to working with them as they pursue their careers.”

The firefighters who have graduated today and earlier in December will commence working at fire stations across Victoria from next week, with some even starting their first-ever shift on Christmas morning. 

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