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House fire in Kingsville

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08 Dec 2010
The female occupant of the house awoke and found her portable air conditioner on fire this morning.


Date: 8/12/10
Time:   07:10
Call Number: 2861

Address: Coronation Street Kingsville


She then attempted to roll the air conditioner outside, however, the fire became too large to manage and she was forced to leave it in the kitchen area.  She woke her 5 year old. son, shut the door to the kitchen (isolating the room from the remainder of the house) and evacuated with her 5 year old son.

As they left the 5 year old advised his mother that he knew why she shut the door.  Surprised by the statement she enquired why, and he proudly sprouted that it was to cut the oxygen off so the fire didn’t grow.  Apparently he had learnt this from the Fireman Sam television show.  Both mother and MFB Firefighers were impressed by his knowledge.


MFB Fire crews arrived on scene within 5 minutes of the alarm being raised by the mother, and this speedy response allowed crews to bring the fire under control within 8 minutes.  The fire in this time had spread throughout the kitchen and roof space.  Commander Ken Brown said had the door not been closed then it is likely that the entire house would have been involved.  Crews will remain on scene for a few hours.


The cause of the air conditioner catching fire will be addressed and investigated by MFB Specialist staff.



Attending Appliances: 4

Number of Firefighters: 16       

OFFICER - IN - CHARGE: Commander Ken Brown


For more information please contact: MFB Media & Communications on 9665 4699 or

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