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MFB firefighters awarded commendations for road rescues

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14 Jun 2019
Seven firefighters have been commended for going above and beyond the call of duty during two horrific car crashes recently.

MFB Commander Phil Bencraft was today awarded an MFB Executive Officer’s Commendation after encountering a two-car collision on CityLink last year on his way home.

Commander Bencraft was off-duty when he came across the incident less than a minute after the crash occurred.

He used a small extinguisher from his car to extinguish a fire in the crashed car and remove the dazed and injured driver.

Firefighters from Richmond, Carlton and Oakleigh fire stations were also recognised following a separate car crash in Richmond.

Crews arrived on scene and were confronted by a car on its side against a power pole and the driver trapped inside.

As the driver’s condition deteriorated, firefighters had to work quickly to bring the car down from the pole and free him during a delicate operation.

MFB Chief Officer Dan Stephens commended the actions of crews whose efforts helped avoid possible fatalities.

“These firefighters have all demonstrated a high level of professionalism during these critical incidents,” Chief Officer Stephens said.

“Their calm leadership, effective decision-making and outstanding skill under challenging conditions led to successful outcomes and undoubtedly contributed to saving lives.

“Congratulations to all the recipients for their actions which are in the finest traditions of the MFB.”

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