MFB Proposals for Reform of the Building Regulatory Regime

This report outlines MFB's proposals for changes to the current building regulations that will provide opportunities for improved detection, compliance and enforcement to better protect life and property.

Read the full proposal document here: MFB proposals for the reform of the building regulatory regime 


Lacrosse Docklands

This Post Incident Analysis Summary (PIA) provides an overview of the (full) PIA of the fire incident that occurred at the Lacrosse building on 25 November 2014.

It includes information compiled by MFB Fire Safety Officers investigating the sequence of fire events, the suitability of building materials used in construction, performance of installed fire safety equipment, evacuation of the building and fire causation.

Read the full report: Post Incident Analysis for Lacrosse Docklands 25 11 2014 FINAL.


MFB attendance and overtime data

MFB attendance and overtime data 2012-2013

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