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Thief stops then drops stolen laptops, as fireys roll up

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22 Mar 2019
‘Stop, drop and roll’ is common advice from firefighters, but a brazen thief has taken the recommendation quite literally in Melbourne overnight.

MFB firefighters were called to a building on Swanston Street after an automatic fire alarm was triggered around 11pm.

Firefighters from East Melbourne fire station arrived quickly and began investigating; believing fire or smoke may have triggered the alarm.

To their surprise, the crew stumbled upon a would-be thief on his way out of the building with a bag full of laptops.

Caught red-handed by the crew, the man immediately dropped the bag and fled the scene on foot, leaving the stolen goods behind.

It’s believed the person may have inadvertently activated the fire alarm in an attempt to commit the robbery, as additional items were discovered at the scene by MFB.

“Firefighters are used to stopping fires but stopping a thief in his tracks was a bit different,” said Senior Station Officer Mick Campbell.

“As a firefighter, no shift is the same and you never know what you might encounter.

“We know that working fire alarms save lives but in this case, they’ve helped to save thousands of dollars’ worth of computer equipment and forced this thief to walk away empty-handed.”

Firefighters are assisting Victoria Police investigators with their enquiries.

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