Physical Fitness (Shuttle Run)

Firefighters are required to maintain a high level of cardiovascular fitness to ensure they have the physical and mental capacity to perform firefighting tasks for long periods.  As part of the application process, you are required to undertake a physical fitness (shuttle run) test designed to measure your level of cardiovascular fitness.


The shuttle run test involves running continuously between two points that are 20 metres apart. These runs are synchronised with a recording, which beeps at set intervals. As the test proceeds, the interval between each successive beep decreases, forcing the applicant to increase their speed over the course of the test until level 9.6 is achieved. The test will take approximately nine minutes to complete and comprises of 78 single shuttles.



Guidelines for Physical Fitness and Firefighting Aptitude Tests has been created to assist you to physically prepare for the fitness tests; however, your own fitness programs can also be used.

In preparation for this stage, in addition to undertaking running training, we recommend you specifically practice the shuttle run.   Copies of the ‘multi-stage shuttle run’ (beep test) test can be located on the internet.

Applicants who use any of the exercise training programs in this guide should obtain a medical clearance from a doctor before commencing.

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