Police Criminal History Check

The prior offences critera has been developed to take into consideration the responsibilities of a contemporary firefighter such as:

  • dealing with members of the community in vulnerable situations in an emergency environment
  • entering private houses in an emergency environment without the occupant’s supervision
  • having access to keys to property including large commercial properties
  • dealing with members of the public including children and isolated elderly in relation to community education

It is each applicant’s responsibility to read the Prior History critera and ensure they comply with the critera, prior to applying to become a recruit firefighter.

All applicants will be required to supply a National Police Certificate prior to proceeding to Interview. Applicants will be notified when to obtain this record.

Applicants are not required to obtain the record prior to notification from MFB.

The National Police Certificate will be used to assess compliance with MFB’s Prior Offences critera.
Please note that where the National Police Certificate shows a record of found guilty/charge/s proven this may be deemed to be a noncompliance with MFB’s Prior Offences critera.

This is irrespective of whether or not a conviction has been recorded.

Findings of guilt without conviction and findings of guilt resulting in a good behaviour bond are findings of guilt and will be released under the Victoria Police information release critera.

Any applicant who deliberately supplies false, incomplete or misleading information in an attempt to gain employment with MFB will automatically disqualified from further consideration for employment.

The cost of obtaining a National Police Certificate will be borne by the candidate.

Permanent disqualification

The following matters will be considered grounds for permanent disqualification from consideration as a potential employee. An offence history for the following categories:

  • Found guilty, charge proven on offences including but not limited to murder, armed robbery, sexual assault, arson, drug trafficking, break and enter, theft of motor vehicle, theft, malicious wounding.

Interim or temporary disqualification

Serious offences within the past 10 years will be considered grounds for a 10 year disqualification, from consideration as a potential employee from date of offence.

Matters considered as a serious offence include but are not limited to:

  • Found guilty, charge proven on offences such as minor property damage, minor assault and inappropriate behaviour in a public place in the preceding 10 years
  • Family violence intervention order – A person who is subject to a current family violence intervention order as defined in the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (Vic) or an order of a corresponding nature made in another state or territory, notwithstanding they have been granted an exemption from being a prohibited person under the Firearms Act 1996 (Vic).
  • Other matters that may disqualify an applicant: outstanding warrants or court orders at the time of commencement as an MFB recruit; currently under investigation, charged or awaiting criminal

The Director, Human Resources has a discretionary power to consider applicants with all other offence histories.


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