Psychological Profile Questionnaire

Prior to being invited to attend a selection interview applicants are required to complete the Psychological Profile Questionnaire.

Firefighting is a psychologically demanding job, where firefighters make decisions about the safety of themselves and others. These psychometric tests are designed to provide insight into problem solving ability, work related attitudes and values, ability to work with other people and a range of other personality traits in order to assess overall suitability for this role.

Only applicants whose profile aligns with the psychological profile of a firefighter will progress to the next stage of the selection process.

Assessment Information

The psychological profile comprises of approximately 350 multiple choice questions and takes up to three hours to complete.

When completing the test it is very important to remember that we are not looking for perfect people. MFB is however, looking for honest people.

MFB appreciates that when applying for a job people naturally want to make themselves look good. However if you do this it will be detected by certain scales within the testing. If you try too hard to look perfect by not describing yourself honestly and openly, your profile results will be considered invalid.  This means that no meaningful conclusions can be obtained from your answers. If this happens, you will be excluded from progressing to the selection interview.

We are also looking for people who are careful and deliberate in their work style. It is therefore important that you read each question carefully. If you rush through the questions, this will be detected. A pattern of very careless answering will also result in an invalid profile. This will also result in you being excluded from progressing to the selection interview.

Applicants with an invalid profile or have a profile that does not align with the psychological profile of a firefighter will be unable to re-sit the psychological profile questionnaire and will be excluded from further consideration as a recruit firefighter and ineligible to apply for the selection process in the future.

Note: Any applicant who has been notified that their application would not progress to interview since 2013 (due to their psychological profile not aligning with that of a firefighter) will be ineligible to reapply for the recruit firefighter selection process in future.


There is no prior study or knowledge required for completion of this questionnaire.

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